A meeting place for those who love RainyDays.
Welcome to RainLovers!
Ahh, springtime has FINALLY arrived! It sure has been a hard winter for so many of you around the country. Here's looking forward to blossoming trees, warmer, drier days, grilling outside and working in the garden (my favorite)!

Did you know rain...
... falls almost 350 days a year on Mt. Waialeale in Kauai, Hawaii?
... drops are not drop shape but oval?
... is heaviest, on average, in Cherrapunji, India where they've had as much as 87 feet of rain in one year?!
We know these facts have been listed for a long time, but are still intrigued by them.
If you have any facts you'd like us to include, please send it to us and we will share it with everyone.

Things to think about
... Why don't weather forecasters rate RainyDays a 10?
... Rainy days make us happy! The sun makes me cranky.
...Rainbows are the most amazing act of nature. How can you not smile when seeing a rainbow?
...When was the last time you stomped your foot in a puddle, just for fun?
...Gardening is more fun in the rain.

RainyDay Stories
We've been receiving many, wonderful RainyDay stories which will be included on the site soon. Thank you to all of you who have shared your thoughts and stories. We are enjoying all of them!
If you have a RainyDay story, please send it to us and you may see it posted here as well.

Listen to the Rain!
Turn on your speakers and enjoy the rain!

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